Some Frequently Asked Questions About ParadigmSchiff

Do you have a store front?

No, we do not currently have a store front.

If you don't have a store front, where do you cook, bake and cater from?

We work out of fully licensed kitchens, test kitchens, or on site with clients.

So how can I meet with you?

Chef Caroline is happy to set up meetings, tastings and consultations. Just send her an email at!

Do you have a minimum for cake orders or catering?

Yes, our minimum for any cake orders is $300. For Catering our minimum is based on the format of your event.

Do you work with charitable organizations or donate Chef services for fundraisers?

Yes! We love supporting our community and have a portion of our yearly budget set aside for charities and good causes with a focus on food. Chef Caroline's favorite is the Farm To Tray Gala to support

Does Chef Caroline have a day rate for her services?

For any catering and chef related services, Chef Caroline does not offer a day rate. All events are priced uniquely and are contracted. For media events, filming and other appearances, Chef Caroline has a confidential day rate for up to 8 hours. If you'd like to book her for any events, email her at

Can you help me open my restaurant, bar, cafe or bakery? I need help!

Yes! We offer contracts to get your business up and running! We can spend as much time on-site with you and your business as needed to do it right and set you up for success.

Who took your beautiful photos?

Some photos were taken by Chef Caroline Schiff herself, with her regular old iPhone. However, the more polished and professional photos here were taken by Brooklyn, NY based photographer Jonathan Meter. Check out his work here: The beautiful black and white portrait was taken by New York City based photographer, Jonno Rattman,